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General Questions

Where are MakSky Doors supplied from?

European Doors: manufactured in Europe and imported to the US

Custom Doors: manufactured locally

How long do orders take? What is the lead time?

European Doors: Imported in weeks

Custom Doors: made in weeks

Can I get the doors delivered?


Can I get the doors installed?



What are the door sizes? What is the maximum size?


Which door size do I need?

- give us the measurements of your door opening and we will do all the necessary calculations for you.

Which door finish options are available?


Which system/ door hardware fits to me?

Decided individually.

Depends on opening size, wall space, floor.

Which door handle can I get?


How do I get started?

Email us your ideas.

- Opening size, hardware, door models, finish color, handle

- We will do all the necessary calculations for you. We will take it from there.

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