European quality interior door from our Plato collection. 

Featuring modern deign with aluminum strips and premium veneer finishes. Aluminum edge around the door slab is optional.

Available as slab only or as a complete prehung door assembly. Hardware options include American standard locks, our special EU standard magnetic locks, standard visible "butterfly" hinges, or our special 3D hidden hinges.

What to know

- All our door are manufactured custom, which means we are not limited to the standard American door sizes.

- Every door model is customizable. Finish and glass color, proportion and position of various design features, width and shape of frame casing trim - every element can be modified and personalized precisely up to your aesthetic preference.

- We offer a countless selection of EU spec door handles compatible with our magnetic locks. Various colors and shapes are available to maximize the uniqueness of your style.

- Additional hardware options include privacy latch and key-entry lockset.

How to order
  1. Fill out the quote request form below.
  2. Our sales representative will get back to you and prepare a personalized quote for your project.
  3. Upon your approval, your order will be sent to our factory in Europe for production. Average lead time is 40-60 days.
  4. After production, your doors will be shipped to our facility in South Florida. We will inspect your order and perform any necessary final assembly touches.
  5. Your doors will be delivered to your home and installed by our team of professionals.

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